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The Settlement Process

There are many professionals and steps involved in the settlement process. TitleMax will provide the title commitment to your lender, schedule the closing and arrange for preparation and delivery of your closing documents. Your lender will notify you of any “loan approval conditions”, which are often satisfied at settlement and/or shown on the HUD 1. If you are required to payoff loans or credit cards, we must be provided with Payoff Statements and addresses for remitting payment. You may be asked to bring Original Bank Statements or a Letter of Verification of Employment. If you have not previously done so, we will need proof of homeowner’s insurance and payment or a statement to include the premium on the HUD 1. We will require Certified Funds or a Wire Transfer for the balance of your down payment and closing costs. Please contact us directly for our wiring instructions. We will also need a government issued photo ID which has not expired.

Quick List:

  • Paperwork to satisfy any lender conditions
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Certified Funds
  • Picture ID

Once you have a transaction in process, you are provided with a user name and password which will give you 24/7 access to the settlement process and your closing documents. You can access our Interactive Transaction and Document Management System here or from our home page.

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