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At TitleMax, we recognize that purchasing a home is the largest and most important financial transaction most people will ever undertake. At every level, your interests and expectations are our primary concern.

Upon receipt of a request from your agent, your lender or yourself, we will send you our information letter, which can be found here. This letter provides detailed information about the closing process and includes a Purchaser Information Sheet and a House Location Approval Form, which you will need to complete and return. You may return the Information Sheet and House Location Approval Form to us via email click here to get our email address or via fax at (410) 286-8689.

Home Closing 101 is a resource on the web to help you understand the home buying process. At Home Closing 101 you will find helpful information about the costs associated with buying a home, preparation for closing day, understanding topics, such as title insurance, escrow fees, closing costs, and more. Click here to access Home Closing 101.


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