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Short Sale Assistance Program

Our Short Sale Assistance Services can save you valuable time and help you navigate through the complex short sale process.

The sellers may not be aware of, or may fail to disclose, all outstanding liens on the property. The first step in any short sale transaction is to obtain an abstract of title. TitleMax can provide you with a Short Sale Abstract within 24 hours of receipt of your order, and it is done completely free of charge. Click here to download a title request form.

A Preliminary HUD 1 provides an overview of the transaction and establishes a baseline number for negotiation. Click here to download a Request for a Short Sale Preliminary HUD 1.

Compiling and submitting the information to the lender can be a daunting and time consuming process. In conjunction with the law offices of Charles C. Roberts, TitleMax has developed a program to submit and track the required lender documentation, work through the negotiations and assure the success of your transaction. Upon receipt of your request, we will contact the seller to schedule a free short sale consultation. We will then send you an assessment of the consultation so that you can decide how best to proceed with the transaction. If you elect to list the property and the seller elects to retain our services, we require a small retainer, and will begin the submission process. Our fee is shown on the HUD 1, and the upfront retainer may be reimbursed to the seller. Click here to download a Short Sale Consultation Request.

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